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About Bing Bicycle Company, LLC

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Rob Gassie

I started Bing Bicycle Company with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Each Bing frame is lugged steel construction and meticulously hand built using Dedacciai and Columbus tubing. Perhaps like you, I have found that quality, pride and craftsmanship have taken a back seat to quantity and profit. My approach is simple, treat the customer as I would like to be treated and create a product I would be proud to place my name upon.

I am a one person operation from cutting the first tube to the final clear coat of paint. In most endeavors I undertake, the joy is in the process and the end result is the icing on the cake. Because of my commitment to quality, each Bing frame is guaranteed for life against any structural failure under normal use.

I have a customer "open door" policy. I invite comments, questions and suggestions...and I do read emails. Bing Bicycle is a place to learn. If you are local to the Richmond, Virginia area, I invite you to be part of your frame building experience. I am happy to have you observe every step of your frame making, renovation process or mechanical needs.

As always, I am open to any questions you may have.