The Chase

chase bicycle frame


The "Chase" is a traditional "Fixie" or single speed. This is one of my favorites.
Chase's traditional design and that uncluttered single speed simplicity make it a favorite for even the most hard core tech junkie. It is the bike I use most often, and that includes an occasional triathlon and cenutry ride. The Chase,like all Bing Bicycles is a custom build and if you want a full brake system, you got it! If you want water bottle bosses, you got it! If you are looking for a traditional track style bike, the Chase is it.

Base Price: FRAME ONLY

Without Fork
With Fork
$1550.00 (traditional curved or straight fork)
  • Dadacciai 12.5 steel tubing or Columbus zona
  • 1" Steerer
  • Choice of Color
  • Rear Brake Bridge: Add $40.00 (includes cable guides)
  • Water Bottle Bosses: Add $20/set

Full Bicyle Buildup

Bing Bicycle Company also offers full bicycle buildup. Whether you need a complete bike or just water bottle cages for your new frame. Contact Bing for pricing options for the components you desire.

Deposits are $400 for each bike with the balance paid upon completion of the bike.