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Braze-ons Additions

Cable Stops or Guides(each)
Double Stops (each)
Triple Stops (each)
Bottle Bosses
Bottle Boss W/reinforcement (pair)
Cantilever Brake Bosses(pair)
Shift Bosses(pair)
Rack Bosses(pair)
Chain Hanger
Pump Peg
Front Derailleur Boss
Brake Cable Hanger(on Seat stay)
Dropout Eyelets(pair)
BrakeBridge (differentStylesAvailable)
STI Stops on Head Tube

Mechanical Services

Basic Tune-up
Performance Tune-up
Overhaul(includes new cables/housing)
Wheel Build(labor only)
Wheel True(may require spoke replacement)
$8.00 to $16.00
Spoke replacement w/wheel true
Brake Adjust
Derailleur Adjust
Other services available upon request.

Braze-Ons Removed

Braze-ons to be removed
$5.00 to $15.00

If there is extensive damage from rust, it may require some additioal frame work, which will be extra, and will be priced on request.

Painting Services

Basic Frame, one color

Includes: Stripping of old paint to bare metal Epoxy sealer/primer Base Coat 2-3 Coats of clear coat "Framesaver" Applied

Full frame restoration prices depend on needs such as duplicate decals, dent and rust elimination, etc. priced per bike needs

Frame Repair

Bent dropouts or dropouts with thread damage can sometimes be repaired. I will need to see the dropout or you can send me a picture that shows the damage and I can determine if the replacement can be safely installed.

I can give you an estimate of the cost of the repair afterI have seen the work that will need to be done.

I can repair cracks and dents in all types of steel frames. There are several different methods I use depending on the damage.

Call or E-mail me and we can discuss the best options for repairing the damage to your frame. Steel frames can be repaired with standard brazing or fillet brazing.

I can give you an estimate of the cost after discussing the damage and the type of repair you request.


One on one class instruction is available for mechanical and frame building. Call or email for prices.